Toby's Ice Cream Catering

Our experience in catering includes fundraisers, ice cream socials, birthday/children's parties, luncheons, and workshops.  We welcome new and interesting occasions where our ice cream would be a complement, such as parades, street fairs, and festivals.

ice cream catering

ice cream catering

Toby's can cater ice cream for your special event, social gathering, corporate outing, birthday party, or fundraiser.  We offer two different services: Classic Ice Cream catering and Make Your Own Sundae catering.

Classic ice cream

This is our tradition ice cream catering service. We will make, deliver, and scoop the flavor(s) of your choice at your special event, party, picnic, or social occasion.  We'll provide everything your guests need for an enjoyable, memorable experience; from cups and cones to spoons and scooping.

make your own sundae

Our Make Your Own Sundae Bar catering service is becoming increasingly popular, and rightfully so! We arrive are your event ready to impress, with your choice of three ice cream flavors and ten, yes TEN toppings to create the ice cream sundae of your dreams! Hot fudge, hot caramel, strawberry topping, M&Ms, rainbow sprinkles, crushed Oreos, peanuts, and of course whipped cream and cherries!  We'll scoop you a bowl full of our super premium homemade ice cream, hand you a spoon, and get out of your way!  It's a great treat for your guests, adults and children alike.  Everyone loves making their own perfect ice cream sundae, and the guests are free to come back and fill up their bowl with as many toppings as they can handle!

Toby's Homemade Ice Cream

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