Toby's Ice Cream Cakes


the best custom made ice cream cakes!

Imagine our delicious homemade ice cream layered with rich chocolate fudge cake.. or layered with crumbled fudgy brownies... or with a classic scrumptious yellow cake... or even a layer of crumbled Oreo cookies!  Tell us your combination, we'll make it for you!


how to order

For custom made ice cream cakes, please order at least three days (72 hours) in advance, which doesn't include the day you order. For example, the last day to order for a Saturday pick-up is Wednesday.  For more intricate and complicated cake designs like those shown below, you'll need to order at least a week in advance.  We even make ice cream wedding cakes.  Please email or call for more details on how we can make your birthday, event, or gathering more special.

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Toby's Homemade Ice Cream

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